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Shanghai Querli Electronic Equipment Co.ltd.
Electrical Safety use Querli Electronic
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1 Adjustable DC regulated power source(WYJ series)
The adjustable DC regulated power source is composed of isolation transformer、rectification fillter circuit、imported integrated control circ -uit、power tube or modular tegulating circuit,with the advantages of small volume、light weight、stable performance etc.The voltage can be adjusted from zero continuously,it can be used by paralleling or in series. It has the functions of small DC output wave、high stability、auto chang -eover of the constant current and voltage、limited over-current, short -circuit protection and self-recovery. It is an ideal DC regulated power source for colleges and universities、research institutes and electrical repairmen.
It is suitable in electronic instruments、electrical maintenance、labo -ratory、electrolysis and electroplating、measurement and test device factory electrical equipment.etc.
One-way, two-way and three-way output are available. Special specification can be made according to orders.